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Rumor Sim Release

A while back I released the Apple Steam Dresses on the Rumor Sim and for a limited time and they were 50L.

Now I have a new release in the Apple series and those are the Apple Grunge Dresses and they too are ONLY at the Rumor Sim, and 50L for the weekend only (I’ll probably change them back on Monday sometime) they are located at the *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* Rumor Sim location ONLY… but here they are:

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The Rotten Hunt!

A little over a year ago I did this thing…called The Rotten Hunt and well it’s back.

What The Rotten Hunt entails is 10 skulls are hidden in the store, 5 for men and 5 for women, and they are FREE.

They will stay in the store for the rest of the month, and then next month they’ll be replaced with new items, it’s an ongoing hunt. Here’s what I have out for this months hunt:

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New Release and Promos!

I’ve been doing nothing but this for days -.- I’m so glad that they’re done, I have two new releases and they are on a 50L promo for a Limited time along with two new group gifts 😀

First I’ve got the Womens new Release and that is the Threadbare-Silver Edition:

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