yay for blogs. part 2

Wb! lawl. Since I have so much stuff to catch up on, I’m splitting this into two posts, one for Men and one for Women. This is part 2 the Men’s part.

I’m going to start with the most recent releases and work my way back.

First off is the Men’s Group Gift, and it’s three of the Zero Pullovers with phrases like ‘Fuck You, Eat Shit, and Suck It’ across the front, and you get each phrase in three colors, for a total of nine shirts:

Zero Pullovers (Regular Release):

And THEN, I’ve released a whole NEW Men’s Collection that I call The Darkside Collection, and it is inspired by none other than my Gay Husband Luka ❤  It includes Pants, Shirts, and Jackets.

Black Pants:


Dragon Shirts:


Sleeveless Leather Jacket:

Sleeveless Quilted Jacket:

Quilted Long Jacket:

And thats all I’ve got! Yay for productivity!

❤ Rogue

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