yay for blogs.

Again, been a while since I’ve updated, and I’m going to break it down into two posts, one for Women and one for Men, because I recently released a huge new collection for Men. Up first is some minor information about the store, and then the New Releases for Women.

Still running The Anime Hunt, till Sept 4th and I made Yomiko Readman and Agent Joker from the anime OVA and series Read or Die, because it’s fucking epic, and you should all go download it right nao! Here’s the teaser I made for it:

In addition to that, I’ve also recently made it into GSP better known as Grunge Soul Project, and it doesn’t technically open till Friday, so I won’t be posting my items here, but I will try to remember to do so on Friday >.>.

Also,  I have some new releases, for Women, starting with the most recent ones:

First off I have the Women’s Group Gift, and they are the Unraveled Mini Dresses in Exclusive colors, and you get all three included in the Vendor:

Unraveled Mini Dresses (Regular Release):

Women’s Unraveled Tops:

Little Raincoat Sets:

Retro Shorts:

Simple Corsets:

And that’s all for the Women’s post. Stay Tuned..

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