Yes, I fail kthnx part 2

Wb! lmfao.

This post is for all of Octobers Stuff!

Okay, so this is actually November…November 1st to be exact, and The I love Cupcakes Hunt! and this is my gift:

Then on Halloween, I sent out a FREE gift to all my groups and my subscribo list, tomorrow (November 1st) I’ll reopen the group and you can join and get it there but only until the notice runs out, so 14 days later…

My Newest Releases are The Striped Hoodies for Men and Women, as seen at GSP but the full release:

Then I had a very SPECIAL release, The McQueen Dresses! This is a custom I did for a friend, and it’s a replica of an Alexander McQueen Dress! The replica is Limited Edition-only 50 available! But! I also did recolors, Black, White, and Red.

Limited Edition:

Other Available Colors:

I also put out group gifts this month! Quite a few actually…for the Men, there is 3 exclusive pairs of Jeans, and 1 in store pullover and 2 exclusive:

Next is a Halloween version of the Striped Hoodies!

Then for the Women’s Group Gifts, I’ve done 3 Halloween Apple Dresses!

Then I ALSO did a Halloween Recolor of The Discarded Dolly Dress:

And lastly, I made PUDDING! and it’s super cute, and in a Gatcha only at my Toxic Kitty Location, so you should go check them out!

And thats all! See you again in two months! Haha. jkjk…maybe.

❤ Rogue

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