Yes, I fail kthnx.

I seriously need to stay on top of this, and try as I might, I keep forgetting. Which means I fail….but you may or may not like me anyway lol.

So, again, I have so much stuff to post that I’m breaking it down into two blog posts, one for September and one for October.

This is Septembers….

First off, for GSP I made some pretty epic blindfolds:

Then,  I had two hunts running, The Macabre Hunt and The Hardcore Hunt. These were my Gifties!

The Macabre Hunt:



The Hardcore Hunt:



And then, my daughter asked me for a Custom Outfit that is from the TV show Buffy, and it’s in the store (still) for 100L, I called it Vamped, since I mean…buffy? come on now.

Then I had a new Jeans release for Women, the Spectre Jeans:

Then I had a release for Men and Women, the V-Necks! Each pack is 100L and you get one phrase in 5 colors:

Also, I had these Jeans for Women that I did for GSP and then released fully in the store, the Electric Jeans!

Lastly, for Men, at GSP I had the Blue Argyle Pullover:

And that’s all for September! Stay tuned for Octobers stuffies!

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