\o/ November

More time has gone by and I still haven’t updated >.> because I suck. But here are all the things that have happened with the store in November. I’ll start with the most recent and work my way back. Most recently, I had the Hoodie Scarf in Cheetah, that I released for Perfect Wardrobe (this is no longer available at Perfect Wardrobe but it is available in the Store now)

Previous to this, I released the Hoodie Scarfs in assorted colors/furs in the Store:

Then I participated in a Charity Event for Sarcoidosis, and for that I made an exclusive dress (only 200 to be sold) And you can now find it in the Main Store until they run out:

In addition to the Exclusive item, I had two new releases that I put out at the event as well, both of which are now available in the Main Store:

The Argie Jeans:

And the High Waister Minis in Purple:

Then, I had one item out at Perfect Wardrobe, and one at GSP. I had a 3 pack of Thermals for the guys at GSP:

And I had some High Waister Minis, in Black & White at Perfect Wardrobe for the ladies (both items are out at the Main Store)

I posted one picture of a Hunt item I made for November in the last post, The I Love Cupcakes Hunt. But I also participated in two other Hunts this month:   The Diamond Is Mine Hunt:

And the Kawaii Hunt!

Annnd that should cover it for November! Stay Tuned December is next!

❤ Rogue

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