Posting twice in month? whut whut?!

Ha. Twice in a month, be proud! I am…kinda, or I WILL be after I do this post.

So, I’m gonna do like always and start at the most recent and work my way back to the last post.

I released Group Gifts…and actually changed my policy a little. Normally I just close the group when gifts are out, but I have decided to keep the group open when gifts are out BUT it will cost 250L to join. Which, if you think about it, is actually a pretty good deal.  But yes, here they are:

Womens: You get all three colors plus bloody versions of each:

Mens: Jeans are included along with the 3 Thermals:

Then the DAY before that I released a Valentines Dayish Tattoo and then decided not to be a jerk and released all the tattoos I’ve been hoarding to myself over time.

Valentines Day Tattoo:

Hoarded Tattoo 1:

Hoarded Tattoo 2:

I also put out the Princess Dresses & Rainbow Scarf in the store for you to get if you are so inclined..both items are from previous Perfect Wardrobes.

Also! Back to Black finally opened–this event is about mental health awareness. My theme was Heart and the dress I made is called Flightless. The skirt is made of wings and includes tiny wearable wings for your back. My quote kind of explains it all. That your brain (with mental illness especially) tells you one thing, but it may not be true. So in this case, your brain tells you, nuuuu tiny wings=no flying, but your heart says you can do it! Mental Illness is a huge deal and effects everything we do, people we know, and people we don’t. I’m honored as fuck to be a part of this event, a lot of great designers are making a stand to inform YOU about mental illness.


THEN! I’m at Perfect Wardrobe again and it’s the Valentines Edition-Love Me or Hate Me so I made pretty Minis! bloody and clean! You can get them here: for 90L a piece!

Lastly, at the beginning of February, the 4th to be exact, started the Second Hunt sponsored by *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*! My Rotting Valentine Hunt! Lots of great stores and gifts!

These are mine:



And thats all I have for now! New Dresses coming soon!

❤ Rogue

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