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That’s what she said…

Onto April! woooo and a regular on time post.

First, I’m at Perfect Wardrobe as always, this rounds theme is Spring and I made the Spring Tops:

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March 2012!

Yay March,

First off I had Group Gifts:


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Yep, we’re all aware that I suck at updating this blog. I’ve actually been subconsciously reminding myself to do it for like a month, but never could find the time because I have been a busy bee, which you see if the following post!

If you’ll notice, I left off at the very beginning of February, so I will pick up from there starting with the most recent and working my way back.

First off, I participated in the Whore Couture Fair, I made two different dresses, that were 100L a piece, and they were on sale for the whole of March, they are no longer available (seeing how the Fair no longer exists) but they are in the store now, not the same price, but regular price.

Hi Tech Dresses:

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