OHAI. It is the last day of April…..and I have things to tell you about that I didn’t post in time for them to be of any use to you, but anyway >.> Most recently, as in RIGHT NOW and in the very near future, I’m participating in quite a few events…. The ASHRAYA PROJECT, starting May 5th! This is a charity event with proceeds going to…the ASHRAYA PROJECT, you can view information on this charity here:

For this event I made some MESH! yus, because I’m awesome and stuff >.>

Exclusive 1:

Exclusive 2:

I also made a few other patterns of this dress, and they will also be available at the event:

Next up: Culture Shock, which also opens May 5th! I have two exclusives for this as well, all proceeds from the exclusives  go to Médecins Sans Frontières these items will also be marked to half price for the duration of the event

Exclusive 1:

Exclusive 2:

This dress also comes in a few other colors and they will also be available at the event, for full price:

Next up, I’m participating in a Mens Hunt! it’s called Mr. Hunter, and starting May 1st you can get my gift free…if you can find it 😛

And thennnn, I have two items out at bi weekly events!

Narcissus Room, 90L ea. You can get it here:

And Perfect Wardrobe! These have multiple options for wearing,and come in Black, Pink, Red and White. 90L ea. You can get them here:

Lastly, I recently participated in Kawaii Fair and made a shitload of stuff for it, however the fair is over now…but the items I made will be put out in the store shortly and they’ll retain their prices from the fair.

Tops and Shorts sold seperately, 6 colors each:

All three scarfs included:

The next 4 come in Gatchas 50L ea.



And thats all I got…

❤ Rogue

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