Did I stutter?

Yeah…it’s the end of May, I’m at least getting posts in once a month or so, which is good enough. I don’t really like to post when I only have like one thing to put in, that’s why I wait so long to post. But yes! Updates first, Culture Shock has ended, and the Sugar & Cyanide Dresses (previous post) are home at the store now, full price.

I’ve also recently got the urge to build a bit, and I made some jewelry sets! These include, nails, rings, and bracelets, and I’ve made them all seperately, so you can wear the rings WITH the nails or without, or the rings seperate and so on and so forth. I recently sent out about 8 different sets to my group and subscribo list (if you join the subscribo NOW, you won’t get them, my subscribo is old school and does NOT have a redelivery function. So if you want them you’ll have to join the group (for free) and grab the box out of past notices. And since those got a pretty good reception, I did some more and at a special price!

First up Perfect Wardrobe, the theme this round is Nature so I did 5 sets for 90L a piece:

Next is a NEW discount room that I’m participating in, called the Javachip Sunday Fashion Cafe, and it features quite a few designers, all giving you items priced under 200L (I think) I did MORE nails for this event, and they are also priced at 90L:

Previous to these, was the 50’s / Pin Up theme for Perfect Wardrobe, and I made these cute body suits:

These are now at the store, since I didn’t tell you about them while they were at Perfect Wardrobe, at least..not here.

I’m also participating in some hunts! The first of which, is The Drafted Hunt! This is NOT a free hunt, and all hunt objects are 5L here’s what I made:

Second, is the 5th round of The Macabre Hunt, and the theme was ‘Dead in Wonderland’ so I finally made the Red Queen & the Chesire Cat! I haven’t made actual vendors of these items yet, but I DID do promo shots so here they are:

Red Queen:


I am participating in another hunt, which I mentioned in the last post and it’s still going, so make sure you get that before it goes away!

I’m working on a lot of things that will be full releases of specific items, including: the sugar & cyanide dresses, the feral dresses, the summer sweaters (for women too!), the short jackets (for women too!) and the opal dress. So stay tuned for that big huge release!

❤ Rogue

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