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Update. Yay. Part 2

Now for the July and August post!

As of right now and in the *very* near future, I’m participating in 3 events, two charity events and one CHIC event.

First up, Pink Ribbon Fair! I made 2 Exclusive items for this, and 100% of the proceeds go to the cancer society (I think) and they’re both pink!

Blown Dress:

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Update. Yay. Part 1

Annnnd I’m back! It’s now August 3rd, which means I suck, because the last time I posted was the end of May. I just get distracted….
I’m splitting this up into two posts, one for June/July and one for August/July. First up is June/July.

Perfect Wardrobe! The theme this time was Summer, and I made some cute gradient style nails…

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