Update. Yay. Part 1

Annnnd I’m back! It’s now August 3rd, which means I suck, because the last time I posted was the end of May. I just get distracted….
I’m splitting this up into two posts, one for June/July and one for August/July. First up is June/July.

Perfect Wardrobe! The theme this time was Summer, and I made some cute gradient style nails…

We also had Group Gifts for 4th of July!

The Mens Gift, included the 3 T Shirts and the 3 pairs of Mesh shorts!

The Womens Group Gift included all these colors, plus some extras I threw in that were the same color scheme, for a total of about 18 dresses 😮

Perfect Wardrobe!

I had made the Curbed Dress in Black, it’s no longer at Perfect Wardrobe, but it IS in the store now, along with other colors…

Then, I participated in the Taste of SL Hunt, and I made the Open Dress, along with matching nails in Cotton Candy flavor!

And thats all for June and July!

❤ Rogue

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