Update. Yay. Part 2

Now for the July and August post!

As of right now and in the *very* near future, I’m participating in 3 events, two charity events and one CHIC event.

First up, Pink Ribbon Fair! I made 2 Exclusive items for this, and 100% of the proceeds go to the cancer society (I think) and they’re both pink!

Blown Dress:

Blown Body Suit:

The Pink Ribbon Fair is also hosting a gridwide hunt including the designers featured in the fair. These hunt items are hidden in our mainstores, and this is mine:

Both of my Exclusives for the Pink Ribbon Fair will be priced at 100L each. Also I’ve filled up my booth with some other pink things from the store, sugar & cyanide dresses, plaid pants, feral dresses, and flustered dresses, all of which will also be marked to 100L each for the duration of the fair (this is ONLY at the fair location).

Next up, I’m doing Vintage Fair! And I’m totally excited because CHIC events are ALWAYS amazing, so I’m looking forward to this one. I made two exclusives, in a LOT of different colors.

Vintage Space Suits:

Royale Dresses:

I made ridiculous amounts of patterns/flavors of both of these items, about 65 total 😐 so for the duration of the fair, both items will be sold for 100L each.

Also, I’m in the Hope for Emilia event, and 100% of the proceeds from my *10* Exclusive Dresses go towards this fund to aid those devastated by the earthquakes in Italy.

Scaled Dresses:

I’m also participating in two hunts, the Punk your World hunt, I made a unisex gift, with semi different pieces…



The second, is the Make up and Tattoo Hunt, and for it I made a new Tattoo, that is a map!

Then, I WAS at Perfect Wardrobe again, and made some cute tops, I’ll be putting them in the store soon:

Then on top of all this stuff, I had a H U G E release right before I left on vacation. So I’m gonna go thru that now, for the Men:

Short Jackets:

Summer Sweaters:

And more colors of the Mesh shorts I gave out as a Group Gift:

For the Women…I had quite a bit more things, so brace yourself:

Short Jackets:

Summer Sweaters:

Low Top Animal Print Rompers:

Low Top Solid Rompers:

Low Top Rompers-Southwest:

Ruffle Rompers:

Curbed Dresses:

Opal Dresses:

Sugar & Cyanide Dresses:

Feral Dresses:

And thats all I have for now!

❤ Rogue

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