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It’s almost December…and yeah I really suck about updating, but in my defense I’ve been slacking all over the place, started school, got work (holidays are especially horrid where I work) and just in general lack of want. However, I’m back and ready to par-tay.

I’m gonna do a bit of a refresher starting with things you can actually get right now!

Most recently, we moved: and it’s bigger and badder and snow filled >.> than ever before!

I have recently acquired new shoes..and by new shoes I mean boobs. I got the new Tangos by Lolas! and they’re pretty epic if I do say so myself. And because I have acquired these…I’ve decided to make appliers for most of my old stuff, the appliers will be sold seperately for old stuff (20L ea) and the new stuff from here on out will have it already in there so no worries. Continue reading