It’s almost December…and yeah I really suck about updating, but in my defense I’ve been slacking all over the place, started school, got work (holidays are especially horrid where I work) and just in general lack of want. However, I’m back and ready to par-tay.

I’m gonna do a bit of a refresher starting with things you can actually get right now!

Most recently, we moved: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TheStrange/49/160/2001 and it’s bigger and badder and snow filled >.> than ever before!

I have recently acquired new shoes..and by new shoes I mean boobs. I got the new Tangos by Lolas! and they’re pretty epic if I do say so myself. And because I have acquired these…I’ve decided to make appliers for most of my old stuff, the appliers will be sold seperately for old stuff (20L ea) and the new stuff from here on out will have it already in there so no worries.

I just RE-released these dresses that I had made for Perfect Wardrobe in limited colors…in ALL the colors + appliers. If you ALREADY own the dress you can buy the applier for your color for 20L 🙂

This is just the first of many! so brace yourselves.

Next up, we’re sponsoring Around the World! Our region is North America….so we made a whole bunch of shit and it’s all original mesh 😮

All of these items come in a multitude of colors and are only 100L till the 29th when the event is over! I also put out a freebie in honor of my region, so you can pick that up at Around the World too!

It’s EXCLUSIVE so if you don’t get it at Around the World, you won’t get it. 🙂

And last but not least, I’m at Perfect Wardrobe again….it’s Thanksgiving themed, so I randomly decided to make some antlers *-* for 90L

And thats all I have for now!

❤ Rogue

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