Bring the Action!

Baaaack! I haven’t actually been anywhere but I am posting again so that kind of constitutes being back I think…Anyways, little bit of stuff happening so here we goooo.

I’m in two hunts this month, the New in 2013 Hunt, and I made some original mesh dresses in 4 different colors for this hunt!


I don’t remember my hint exactly but it has something to do with my desk…

I’m also in the Baking Mania Hunt, and for that I made Betty, the slutty little baker…she comes with a mesh chefs hat, a rigged mesh apron in 3 sizes, a mesh cake for you to hold, and poses, as well as tango appliers and two different skirt options!


The hint for this one is ‘I like cake almost as much as I like toast’

I’ve started to participate in the Boobies Show! and this is my first time doing it, and for that I made some more dresses, there are like..19 color combos, and they all include tango appliers and are on sale at The Boobies Show for 120 each until January 19th when the new round starts:


Also, I had originally made these dresses for January 1st round of Perfect Wardrobe, unknowing that the current round was actually being extended, so I just threw them out in the store they come in 6 colors and include tango appliers they are 90L each until MONDAY.


Meanwhile my Christmas Perfect Wardrobe items are still there same as above, till MONDAY, comes in 3 colors with tango appliers and tights!.


I also put out a previous Perfect Wardrobe item in the store the Glam Doll Minis come in 3 colors and includes tango appliers, they’re now regular price…


And last but not least I recently had a new release, the Candy Dress, comes in 9 different color combos, and includes multiple wear options, a sculpted belt and tango appliers!


And thats all I’ve got, stay tuned!

❤ Rogue

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