take me home, where my dreams are made of gold…

It’s been a minute….but blame my Mac, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the username/password to this account, but I finally got it sorted (obviously) so I’m gonna play catch up a little. Starting with the most recent stuffs and working my way back per usual.

New Round at Perfect Wardrobe, the theme is girls gone wild, and I made some Zebra print body suits…


These are 90L for the next two weeks or so at Perfect Wardrobe. These include Lolas! Tango appliers.

Next up, the Whore Couture Fair 2 opened this past weekend, and I made two new exclusives for it:

The Wild Dresses: lots of colors and several dresses in each (I mix and matched) also includes Lolas! Tango Appliers.


And the Branched Dress Shirts…these…I decided did not look good with a skirt prim, so I just left it off..Multiple colors and Lolas! Tango Appliers.


I’m also participating in The Boobies Show again, and for this round I made a bodysuit and a dress, both are available at Boobies Show in 5 colors (I actually made about 15 of each, but these will be released later when the next round starts). Both items include Lolas! Tango Appliers.

The Hitch Body Suit:


The Roped Dress:


In addition to all this stuff, I also put out Valentines Group Gifts for Men and Women, they are available in the mainstore, you just have to join the group to get them (join is free) and I’ve decided to leave them out until I make something new, and from now on the group will be free to join always. So these are still out for you to grab!

The Valentines Dresses:


The Valentines Suits:


I also made Limited Edition Versions of each dress and suit, that are bloody, you can get them in the mainstore as well.

And lastly I had one other new release around Valentines, my valentines cake & such headbands and rings! They’re still out and still 100L each one comes with quite a few options:


And thats all I have for now, stay tuned!

❤ Rogue

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