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It’s been a while…old habits die hard and one of my (many) bad habits is keeping up with this blog. I try, in vain to do so but at the end of the day between my RL job, school and all the events I keep finding myself in this blog has landed at the bottom of my short list. But luckily I’m here to tell you about some stuff today! I’m going to start at the top and work my way back as I am wont to do. First is Perfect Wardrobe, this has another week of running before the next round starts and the theme this time is ‘Leather & Lace’ so for it I made a full outfit in Black, White, Nude, Red and Pink. They’re just 90L each, and include the lace shirt with prim collar and cuffs and the Mesh pencil skirt (if you’re unsure a demo is provided). They also include Appliers for Lolas! Tangos. leatherandlacevendor Next is an event we’re participating in, the Numberology Event, the idea behind this event is actually really awesome and something I haven’t seen before so of course I jumped at the chance to do it. Each Designer is given a number 1-9 and the idea is to create an item that represents the MEANING of the number. My number was 6, and the meaning of the number 6 is Love, Enlightenment, Legend, and Truth. Needless to say coming up with a good idea wasn’t hard and I made some Angels. They come in 14 different colors and include the matching wings and Halo. The dresses themselves are Mesh and include appliers for Lolas! Tangos. If you’re unsure about the dress fit, please try the demo provided. I also made some Beaded Headbands with wings that are in corresponding colors to the Dresses. The Dresses are 166L each and the Headbands are 66L for the duration of the event (till the 15th of June) guardianangeldressvendor   wingheadbandvendorI also decided after several requests to create and put out another version of the popular McQueen Dress…only this time she’s bloody. This dress is the original Limited Edition color, but this time is covered in blood. There are only 20 of them available for purchase and they are set to be the same price as the other McQueen Dresses.

bloodymcqueendressvendor The event I’m going to talk about next i actually over already and the items have already been moved back to the mainstore at regular price. We participated in World Goth Fair, we had to create one item where 100% of the proceeds would go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and well, I ended up making one dress in 20 colors and every single one of those sales went 100% to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The Royale Dresses are back, and this time they’re in Gothic Style and include appliers for Lolas! Tangos. If you’re unsure of the fit of the dress, please try a demo. royaledressesgothvendorIn addition to my Exclusive Dresses I aslo made two other mini Dresses that include appliers for Lolas! Tangos. One dress includes an optional prim skirt but you by no means have to wear it if you don’t want too! mycorsetminivendor   crossmyheartdressvendor I also put out a new group gift around this time and it’s STILL AVAILABLE. You have to join our group to get it (group join is free) and what it is is some Beaded Starfish Headbands and matching rings. There are maybe 200 something pieces in this gift so brace yourself when you open it!starfishsign Even more prior to this we participated in Kawaii Fair, and I think we were supposed to have at least one Exclusive for the event, but I had 5. I made Alice in Kawaii Land! Along with the chesire cat, the white rabbit, the mad hatter, and the red queen! I created all the Mesh items myself and I was super proud. Alice comes with a mesh skirt and apron combo, mesh butt bow, and mesh headband. The Mad Hatter comes with a cute mesh top hat, mesh skirt and mesh butt bow. The White Rabbit comes with mesh bunny ear headband, mesh skirt and mesh butt bow. The Red Queen comes with the mesh skirt, mesh butt bow, and mesh crown, and The Chesire Cat comes with the mesh skirt, mesh butt bow, mesh cat ears headband and a mesh tail (of course the clothing layers are ALSO included in every outfit duh!) These are now up in the store at regular price and demos are available for the skirts (everything else is non rigged so you can mod it to fit your avi). kawaiialicevendor   kawaiichesirevendor   kawaiimadhattervendor   kawaiiredqueenvendor   kawaiiwhiterabbitvendor

And thats it! I’m officially caught up! See you next time!

❤ Rogue

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