Contagious Chemistry

I’m proud to say….I’m posting in a semi timely manner…granted I could do better, and I’ll try to keep it up but no promises!

I’m gonna tell you whats going on right now…and work my way back.

The Happily Ever After Hunt starts tomorrow (June 30th) and I decided to do a ‘bad’ apple and a ‘good’ apple. Each one includes two versions of my gift, which are mesh Enchanted Crowns!


enchantedcrownsgoodapplevendorWe’re also at Perfect Wardrobe, and the theme this time around is 4th of July, so I made some cute headbands that come in the versions shown and includes the reverse!


We’re also participating in The Boobies Show! I made 12 colors that are available for 120L each at the Boobies Show, along with 7 speciality colors that are ONLY AVAILABLE in the main store for 50L each while I’m on vacation (one more week)!


Specialty Colors:


The Sexy Nerd Hunt started at the beginning of June, and you actually only have like 2 more hours to get it for 5L, but AFTER that, you can get it for regular price in the main store, I did a guys and a girls gift!



And lastly, even before that we participated in another round of Perfect Wardrobe, and the theme was the 7 Deadly Sins, so I made some latish shirts!


And thats all I’ve got for now!

❤ Rogue

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