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It’s with a bit of a sadness that I announce the closing of *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
I’ve had my store since 2009 and it’s honestly had a really great run. But the time has come to shut the door on it.
I do not have the time to dedicate to it any longer, as those of you who have followed me for a while have seen, I don’t release very often (hardly ever actually) because of a very busy and time consuming real life.

I will pay rent on the store today, and it will be the last time I pay it. The store will remain for two weeks, until Wednesday December 18th.

During these two weeks, everything in the store will be 10L with the exception of Limited Edition items, gachas, and the regular McQueen Dresses. I’m also putting out two boxes filled with EVERY group gift I’ve ever made and they’ll be FREE for everyone.

As far as Limited Editions go, I’ll be refilling them all, including the Champagne McQueen Dress, so if you missed those the first time around, now would be the time to get them, because after the 18th, they’ll be gone forever.

I am also working on listing everything on marketplace, so after the in world store closes, you’ll still be able to get my items, just at full price, so I hope if you have ever wanted something from the store that you get it while it’s on sale.

I plan to keep the inworld group, and if I do end up making something, a new release will be posted on marketplace (I will notify by group notice) or just random shit I feel like making that I may send through the group. If you’d prefer to be added to a subscribo, it’ll still be in the store for the next two weeks, after that I’ll probably keep it rezzed at my house (where you won’t be able to get to it, so you’ll have to notecard me if you’d like to be added or removed)

I also am taking requests for any dresses that the ladies would like appliers for that do not currently have them. I’ll do this for free, I just ask that you be patient with me, as my time is limited. So just send me a notecard with your name and a list of the item(s) you’d like appliers for and I will do my best to accomodate you.

Like I said before, the store has had a really great run and I will leave it with nothing but fond memories, and I want to say thank you to each and every person who has ever bought anything from me, I appreciate it beyond words. Without you guys I never would have lasted as long as I did so THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

And now without further ado, go shopping!

❤ Rogue


Wake me up…


It’s been a bit since I’ve released anything, been busy with school and such, but I’m back to tell you about a new event that has a whole new idea!

Most of us do 80% of our shopping via marketplace and at fairs and events, so this brand new event is helping to get traffic back into our main stores.

Main Event-Winter Edition features an original idea, where the designers participating offer you a two part product. One part sold at the event itself and the second part sold in our main stores.

This is what I made:


I was actually kinda jerky with this product. It includes the clean and bloody versions of the antlers, however, only the LEFT antlers are sold at Main Event and the RIGHT antlers are sold in our main store. I thought about doing it differently, but I wanted to be able to give you both versions for one price (each antler set is 75L). These are original unrigged mesh, and include a resizer.

You can visit the Main Event here:

And our Main Store here:

Also only a few more days until the new round of The Boobies Show, so if you haven’t gotten the Sweater Dresses yet, go get them before they come to the store at full price! (see previous post).

Thats all, stay tuned!

❤ Rogue