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Wake me up…


It’s been a bit since I’ve released anything, been busy with school and such, but I’m back to tell you about a new event that has a whole new idea!

Most of us do 80% of our shopping via marketplace and at fairs and events, so this brand new event is helping to get traffic back into our main stores.

Main Event-Winter Edition features an original idea, where the designers participating offer you a two part product. One part sold at the event itself and the second part sold in our main stores.

This is what I made:


I was actually kinda jerky with this product. It includes the clean and bloody versions of the antlers, however, only the LEFT antlers are sold at Main Event and the RIGHT antlers are sold in our main store. I thought about doing it differently, but I wanted to be able to give you both versions for one price (each antler set is 75L). These are original unrigged mesh, and include a resizer.

You can visit the Main Event here:

And our Main Store here:

Also only a few more days until the new round of The Boobies Show, so if you haven’t gotten the Sweater Dresses yet, go get them before they come to the store at full price! (see previous post).

Thats all, stay tuned!

❤ Rogue


Safe & Sound…

And I’m back with the post detailing whats been happening in October!

First off, Halloween is rapidly approaching and since I love Halloween, I’ve set out a new Group Gift, this is available in the Mainstore just join our in world group and click to get it! (Group Join is free)


I also have a SECOND Group Gift, it’s Betty Baker, and she’s ready for Halloween and kinda bloody 😮


And then I have a few outfits out which are all 50L each until Halloween:

ImaSauce Dresses, mesh minis!


Ombre Mini Dresses!


The Cutie Witch outfits, include the different colors Witch Hats and Brooms!


Also at this round of Perfect Wardrobe you can get the solid version of the Cutie Witches! These include a mesh skirt, as well as matching mesh Witch Hats & Broom! for 90L each!


I recently participated in The Candy Fair, and I made lots of shirts with sayings like ‘Eye Candy’ ‘Mind Candy’ ‘Heart Candy’ and ‘Arm Candy’ these are now available in the Mainstore:


I also am still participating in the OMGacha Event, and for that I made some Candy Apples shaped like Mickey and Minnie and you can get them at Jersey Shore, for 50L a play.


I had also set out a new Gacha in the Mainstore with some mesh Minnie ears with a bow, for 50L a play!


And thats all I have for now! Stay Tuned for more!

❤ Rogue

Posting twice in month? whut whut?!

Ha. Twice in a month, be proud! I am…kinda, or I WILL be after I do this post.

So, I’m gonna do like always and start at the most recent and work my way back to the last post.

I released Group Gifts…and actually changed my policy a little. Normally I just close the group when gifts are out, but I have decided to keep the group open when gifts are out BUT it will cost 250L to join. Which, if you think about it, is actually a pretty good deal.  But yes, here they are:

Womens: You get all three colors plus bloody versions of each:

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