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Posting twice in month? whut whut?!

Ha. Twice in a month, be proud! I am…kinda, or I WILL be after I do this post.

So, I’m gonna do like always and start at the most recent and work my way back to the last post.

I released Group Gifts…and actually changed my policy a little. Normally I just close the group when gifts are out, but I have decided to keep the group open when gifts are out BUT it will cost 250L to join. Which, if you think about it, is actually a pretty good deal.  But yes, here they are:

Womens: You get all three colors plus bloody versions of each:

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Yes, I fail kthnx.

I seriously need to stay on top of this, and try as I might, I keep forgetting. Which means I fail….but you may or may not like me anyway lol.

So, again, I have so much stuff to post that I’m breaking it down into two blog posts, one for September and one for October.

This is Septembers….

First off, for GSP I made some pretty epic blindfolds:

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The Rotten Hunt!

A little over a year ago I did this thing…called The Rotten Hunt and well it’s back.

What The Rotten Hunt entails is 10 skulls are hidden in the store, 5 for men and 5 for women, and they are FREE.

They will stay in the store for the rest of the month, and then next month they’ll be replaced with new items, it’s an ongoing hunt. Here’s what I have out for this months hunt:

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