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OHAI. It is the last day of April…..and I have things to tell you about that I didn’t post in time for them to be of any use to you, but anyway >.> Most recently, as in RIGHT NOW and in the very near future, I’m participating in quite a few events…. The ASHRAYA PROJECT, starting May 5th! This is a charity event with proceeds going to…the ASHRAYA PROJECT, you can view information on this charity here:

For this event I made some MESH! yus, because I’m awesome and stuff >.>

Exclusive 1:

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That’s what she said…

Onto April! woooo and a regular on time post.

First, I’m at Perfect Wardrobe as always, this rounds theme is Spring and I made the Spring Tops:

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March 2012!

Yay March,

First off I had Group Gifts:


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