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take me home, where my dreams are made of gold…

It’s been a minute….but blame my Mac, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the username/password to this account, but I finally got it sorted (obviously) so I’m gonna play catch up a little. Starting with the most recent stuffs and working my way back per usual.

New Round at Perfect Wardrobe, the theme is girls gone wild, and I made some Zebra print body suits…

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Bring the Action!

Baaaack! I haven’t actually been anywhere but I am posting again so that kind of constitutes being back I think…Anyways, little bit of stuff happening so here we goooo.

I’m in two hunts this month, the New in 2013 Hunt, and I made some original mesh dresses in 4 different colors for this hunt!

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Update. Yay. Part 2

Now for the July and August post!

As of right now and in the *very* near future, I’m participating in 3 events, two charity events and one CHIC event.

First up, Pink Ribbon Fair! I made 2 Exclusive items for this, and 100% of the proceeds go to the cancer society (I think) and they’re both pink!

Blown Dress:

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March 2012!

Yay March,

First off I had Group Gifts:


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yay for blogs.

Again, been a while since I’ve updated, and I’m going to break it down into two posts, one for Women and one for Men, because I recently released a huge new collection for Men. Up first is some minor information about the store, and then the New Releases for Women.

Still running The Anime Hunt, till Sept 4th and I made Yomiko Readman and Agent Joker from the anime OVA and series Read or Die, because it’s fucking epic, and you should all go download it right nao! Here’s the teaser I made for it:

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yay for blogs. part 2

Wb! lawl. Since I have so much stuff to catch up on, I’m splitting this into two posts, one for Men and one for Women. This is part 2 the Men’s part.

I’m going to start with the most recent releases and work my way back.

First off is the Men’s Group Gift, and it’s three of the Zero Pullovers with phrases like ‘Fuck You, Eat Shit, and Suck It’ across the front, and you get each phrase in three colors, for a total of nine shirts:

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I like stuff.

It’s been almost like 3 months since I’ve updated this so I think I’m gonna go ahead and do that….

First with the newest stuffs:

I’m participating in hunts again yay! and this one is The Anime Hunt and it starts in the beginning of August the 5th I believe, and I am SO excited, and totally doing Read or Die, and for those of you that don’t know what that is, I suggest you get to googling because it’s AMAZING.

The Rotten Hunt is also still going…and if you don’t remember what that is, please reference the post after the previous one. I’ll be changing them out again very soon, still making things.

As far as new releases go, I had six recently, got a little carried away with the Rotten Hunt gifts which actually ended up being new release except one or two. So I had 3 for guys and 3 for girls, first for the guys I had:

 The Plaid Pants:

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