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Update. Yay. Part 1

Annnnd I’m back! It’s now August 3rd, which means I suck, because the last time I posted was the end of May. I just get distracted….
I’m splitting this up into two posts, one for June/July and one for August/July. First up is June/July.

Perfect Wardrobe! The theme this time was Summer, and I made some cute gradient style nails…

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yay for blogs.

Again, been a while since I’ve updated, and I’m going to break it down into two posts, one for Women and one for Men, because I recently released a huge new collection for Men. Up first is some minor information about the store, and then the New Releases for Women.

Still running The Anime Hunt, till Sept 4th and I made Yomiko Readman and Agent Joker from the anime OVA and series Read or Die, because it’s fucking epic, and you should all go download it right nao! Here’s the teaser I made for it:

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