And now we’re back for the December post! Again, will be starting my way at the beginning and working my way up.

So my massive amount of new releases come first! For the Ladies, I made:

Hoodie Scarfs in Animal Print!

Hobo Sets:

Short Corsets:

Shortie Sweaters:

Lace Leggings:

The White Bear Mask:

And then for the Guys I have:


Hang Up Shirts:

My Favorite Sweaters:

Prior to all these new releases, I made Group Gifts!

For Women, I made Hobo Sets in Vintage! (Hat not included):

For Men, I made My Favorite Sweaters in Exclusive Colors (Pants ARE included):

And December 1st started the first ever *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* sponsored gridwide hunt! A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt! We had some amazing designers join up and it went really well! We will hopefully be doing more in the future!

But here’s what I made for it!

Mrs. Claus:

Mr. Claus!

And that’s all!

My New Years Resolution is to keep up with the blog, so we’ll see how I do! See you next time!

❤ Rogue

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